What is current PHP version?

What is current version of PHP?

8.1. PHP 8.1 is the latest major PHP version.

What is the latest version of PHP 2020?

It seems like a simple question with a simple answer: the latest PHP version currently is PHP 7.4. However!

PHP 8 release schedule.

Alpha 1 June 25, 2020
Release candidate 3 October 29, 2020
Release candidate 4 November 12, 2020
General availability November 26, 2020

What is the latest PHP version 2021?

W3Techs reports that, as of January 2022, “PHP is used by 78.1% of all the websites whose server-side programming language we know.” PHP version 7.4 is the most used version.


First appeared June 8, 1995
Stable release 8.1.4 / 17 March 2022
Preview release 8.1.0 Beta 1 / 22 July 2021
Major implementations

Is PHP Version 7.4 stable?

PHP 7.4 is the latest stable version of PHP. It was released on November 28, 2019 and it’s the last version before PHP 8. It brings lots of new features, syntax additions and fixes.

Should I update to PHP 8?

Should I upgrade to PHP 8 ? A: PHP 8 provides improved code execution performance and will expand and improve over time. Better comparisons will get rid of frequent bugs and unexpected behaviors that often plague PHP developers. Resulting Increased Speed and optimized performance.

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Why is there no PHP 6?

The main reason for not having a PHP 6 version is, in fact, a well-intended cover-up. There have been attempts at making a PHP 6 release in as early as 2005, which would feature UTF8/Unicode support (at last!). But those efforts never succeeded. As time went on, it gave the PHP 6 release a bad name.

Is PHP 7.2 outdated?

PHP 7.2 goes end of life (EOL) on the 30th November 2020 meaning known security flaws will no longer be fixed and sites are exposed to significant security vulnerabilities. It is important to update them to a newer version. We would recommend updating to either: 7.3 supported until 06 December 2021.

Which is best PHP or Python?

Python vs. PHP

Parameter Python
Learning curve Python is better in long-term projects.
Readability Python uses indentation enforcements that are quite strict. This makes it more readable than PHP.
Type of language General-purpose programming language
Syntax A very clear and concise syntax of codes

Should I use the latest PHP version?

What are the benefits of using the latest stable version? The latest version is the most secure. It’s the fastest version and has the best performance. For example, PHP 7.4 is significantly faster than the previous versions, and with faster execution times and less memory usage, especially WordPress sites will benefit.

What is the difference between PHP 5 and 7?

Key Differences

PHP 7 is an improved version of PHP 5 that provides faster performance while using less storage. PHP5 coding is much simpler than traditional coding, and PHP 7 provides developers with a simple coding system. The upgraded PHP7 engine is regarded as a next-generation design.

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How often is PHP updated?

Each PHP version is supported for 2 years after the initial release date, to receive improvements, bug fixes and security patches. After those first 2 years a PHP version will only receive critical security updates, as-needed.

Is PHP 7.3 still supported?

As of December 6, 2021, PHP 7.3 will no longer be supported by the PHP community. That’s why you should upgrade to a newer version now. Anyone running PHP 7.3 on their server after the “end-of-life” date will not be protected against new security vulnerabilities.

What is the latest version of PHP 8?

PHP 8 was released on November 26, 2020. You can download it here. It’s a new major version, which means that there are some breaking changes, as well as lots of new features and performance improvements.

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