How do I get the last inserted record in SQL?

How can I get last 10 inserted record in SQL Server?

The following is the syntax to get the last 10 records from the table. Here, we have used LIMIT clause. SELECT * FROM ( SELECT * FROM yourTableName ORDER BY id DESC LIMIT 10 )Var1 ORDER BY id ASC; Let us now implement the above query.

How do I get the latest inserted record ID in SQL?

SQL SERVER – @@IDENTITY vs SCOPE_IDENTITY() vs IDENT_CURRENT – Retrieve Last Inserted Identity of Record

  3. SELECT IDENT_CURRENT(‘tablename’)

How do I get last 7 days record in SQL?

Here’s the SQL query to get records from last 7 days in MySQL. In the above query we select those records where order_date falls after a past interval of 7 days. We use system function now() to get the latest datetime value, and INTERVAL clause to calculate a date 7 days in the past.

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How can I see last inserted record in MySQL?

If you are AUTO_INCREMENT with column, then you can use last_insert_id() method. This method gets the ID of the last inserted record in MySQL. Insert some records in the table using insert command. Display all records from the table using select statement.

How can I get last insert ID in PDO?

You can use PDO::lastInsertId() . @ArtGeigel It will be the last inserted ID of the connection underlying the PDO instance.

How can I get last inserted auto increment ID in SQL Server?

Use SCOPE_IDENTITY : — do insert SELECT SCOPE_IDENTITY(); Which will give you: The last identity value inserted into an identity column in the same scope.

How do I get the inserted row id in SQL Server?

4 ways to get identity IDs of inserted rows in SQL Server

  3. SET @LASTID = IDENT_CURRENT(‘dbo.TableA’)
  4. DECLARE @NewIds TABLE(ID INT, …) INSERT INTO TableA (…) OUTPUT Inserted.ID, …

How do I get last 30 days in SQL?

Bookmark this question. Show activity on this post. SELECT * FROM product WHERE pdate >= DATEADD(day, -30, getdate()).

How can I get one week data in SQL?

1 Answer

  1. set datefirst 7 –default,set Sunday as first day of week, you could change this value accordingly.
  2. SELECT DATEADD(DAY, 1 – DATEPART(WEEKDAY, [Report Generated On]), [Report Generated On]) AS StartDate.
  3. , DATEADD(DAY, 7 – DATEPART(WEEKDAY, [Report Generated On]), [Report Generated On]) AS EndDate.

What does Dateadd do in SQL?

SQL Server DATEADD() Function

The DATEADD() function adds a time/date interval to a date and then returns the date.

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How do you get last insert id in CodeIgniter?

Well, lucky for you…. getting the last database inserted ID using CodeIgniter is very simple. All you need to do is call the $this->db->insert_id(); function after you have just finished inserting a new row into the database and this will return that last ‘unique’ ID.

How do you find the last inserted record in a table in Oracle?

If you do not have date or timestamp defined in your tables, retrieve the last inserted row in the database using the “ROWNUM” command.

  1. Open SQL*PLUS and log in to Oracle.
  2. Select the row last inserted into the Oracle database using the “ROWNUM” command. For example, type: …
  3. Type “; ” to run the SQL query.