What are the different types of replication available in SQL Server?

There are four MS SQL Server replication types: snapshot replication, transactional replication, peer-to-peer replication and merge replication.

What are different types of replication types?

What are the types of data replication?

  • Full-table replication. …
  • Snapshot replication. …
  • Merge replication. …
  • Key-based incremental replication. …
  • Transactional replication. …
  • Log-based incremental replication.

What is the replication in SQL Server?

Replication is a set of technologies for copying and distributing data and database objects from one database to another and then synchronizing between databases to maintain consistency.

What are the two types of replication?

Types of Replication:

Snapshot replication sends the entire data set to the subscriber. Transactional replication only sends modifications to the data. Merge replication items are modified at both the publisher and subscribers.

How many types of replication is provided by SQL Server Mcq?

3. How many types of replication is provided by SQL Server? Explanation: Microsoft SQL Server provides three types of replication for use in distributed applications. Explanation: Replication allows us to maintain the same database multiple copies at different locations.

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How many types of replication are there in MySQL?

There are two core types of replication format, Statement Based Replication (SBR), which replicates entire SQL statements, and Row Based Replication (RBR), which replicates only the changed rows. You can also use a third variety, Mixed Based Replication (MBR).

What is replication and types of replication?

Bidirectional transactional replication is a specific transactional replication topology that allows two servers to exchange changes with each other: each server publishes data and then subscribes to a publication with the same data from the other server.

Is SQL Server replication synchronous?

The primary replica and one secondary replica are configured for synchronous-commit mode with automatic failover.

What is replication server?

Replication Server distributes data over a network by managing replicated transactions while retaining transaction integrity across the network. It also provides application developers and system administrators with a flexible publish-and-subscribe model for marking data and stored procedures to be replicated.

What are the three replication strategies?

Data Replication Strategies

  • Strategy 1: Log-Based Data Replication.
  • Strategy 2: Full Table Data Replication.
  • Strategy 3: Key-Based Incremental Data Replication.

What kind of replication is supported by the MySQL server?

Replication in MySQL features support for one-way, asynchronous replication, in which one server acts as the source, while one or more other servers act as replicas.

What kind of replication is supported by MySQL server Mcq?

One-way, asynchronous replication is supported by the MySQL server.

Which of the following is an available in MySQL?

The correct answer to the question “Which of the following is available in MySQL” is option (D). Create Database. Because MySQL is an open-sourced RDBMS or Relational Database Management System.

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