Quick Answer: What is SQL * Plus environment?

SQL*Plus is an interactive and batch query tool that is installed with every Oracle Database installation. It has a command-line user interface, a Windows Graphical User Interface (GUI) and the iSQL*Plus web-based user interface.

What does SQL*Plus do?

SQL*Plus has its own commands and environment, and it provides access to the Oracle Database. It enables you to enter and execute SQL, PL/SQL, SQL*Plus and operating system commands to perform the following: Format, perform calculations on, store, and print from query results. Examine table and object definitions.

What is SQL*Plus and why would you want to use it?

SQL*Plus is the command-line interface to the Oracle database. Its fundamental reason for existence is to allow you to enter and execute ad hoc SQL statements and PL/SQL code blocks.

What is SQL*Plus script?

Editing Scripts in SQL*Plus Command-Line. You can use a number of SQL*Plus commands to edit the SQL command or PL/SQL block currently stored in the buffer. Table 6-1, “SQL*Plus Editing Commands” lists the SQL*Plus commands that allow you to examine or change the command in the buffer without re-entering the command.

How SQL is different from SQL*Plus?

SQL is the query language used for communication with Oracle server to access and modify the data. SQL* Plus is a command line tool with which you can send SQL queries to the server. Also, it can help you format the query result.

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What are the advantages of SQL Star Plus?

SQL*Plus enables you to manipulate SQL commands and PL/SQL blocks, and to perform many additional tasks as well. Through SQL*Plus, you can: enter, edit, store, retrieve, and run SQL commands and PL/SQL blocks. format, perform calculations on, store, and print query results in the form of reports.

Is SQL*Plus a GUI tool?

The graphical user interface is a feature of SQL*Plus only available in Windows. The Windows Graphical User Interface will be obsoleted in favor of the iSQL*Plus browser-based user interface in a future release of SQL*Plus.

Is SQL plus a programming language?

PL/SQL is a proprietary procedural language developed by Oracle as an extension to SQL, for use in coding business rules and other procedural logic at the database level.

What is SQL Plus and SQL developer?

SQL*PLUS is a command line tool, SQL Developer is a GUI interface to your DB. You can call SQL*PLUS from command line and easily execute scripts so it’s simple to automate tasks. SQL Developer will display db content in a nice layout, allows you to edit data etc.

Which SQL*Plus feature can be used to replace values in the where clause?

you use substitution variable. Substitution variables can replace values in the WHERE clause, a text string, and even a column or a table name.

Is SQL Plus and Oracle same?

SQL*Plus is a component of Oracle Database. SQL*Plus, and its command-line user interface, Windows GUI, and iSQL*Plus web-based user interface are installed by default when you install the Oracle Database. Some aspects of Oracle Database and SQL*Plus differ from one computer and operating system to another.

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