How do I remove a right character in SQL Server?

How do I remove a character from a column in SQL?

Syntax: SELECT SUBSTRING(column_name,2,length(column_name)) FROM table_name; To delete the first character from the FIRSTNAME column from the geeks for geeks table.

How do I remove a specific part of a string in SQL?

SQL Statement to Remove Part of a String

  1. Method 1: Using SUBSTRING() and LEN() function.
  2. Method 2 : Using REPLACE() function.
  3. Method 3: Using TRIM() function.

What is strip in SQL?

The STRIP function removes blanks or another specified character from the end, the beginning, or both ends of a string expression.

How do I replace a character in a string in SQL Server?

SQL Server REPLACE() Function

The REPLACE() function replaces all occurrences of a substring within a string, with a new substring. Note: The search is case-insensitive. Tip: Also look at the STUFF() function.

How do I select a part of a string in SQL?

SQL Server SUBSTRING() Function

  1. Extract 3 characters from a string, starting in position 1: SELECT SUBSTRING(‘SQL Tutorial’, 1, 3) AS ExtractString;
  2. Extract 5 characters from the “CustomerName” column, starting in position 1: …
  3. Extract 100 characters from a string, starting in position 1:
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How do you exclude letters in SQL?

[^] Wildcard to exclude characters – SQL Server (Transact-SQL) | Microsoft Docs.

How do I remove a field in SQL?

Delete columns using Object Explorer

  1. In Object Explorer, connect to an instance of Database Engine.
  2. In Object Explorer, locate the table from which you want to delete columns, and expand to expose the column names.
  3. Right-click the column that you want to delete, and choose Delete.
  4. In Delete Object dialog box, click OK.

What does STR Strip do?

The rstrip() method removes trailing spaces or characters from the right side of a string. The program will remove all white space characters by default if you do not specify a character to remove.

How do you use strip function?

The strip() method removes characters from both left and right based on the argument (a string specifying the set of characters to be removed). Note: If the chars argument is not provided, all leading and trailing whitespaces are removed from the string.

How do I replace a specific character in SQL?

To replace all occurrences of a substring within a string with a new substring, you use the REPLACE() function as follows:

  1. REPLACE(input_string, substring, new_substring); …
  2. SELECT REPLACE( ‘It is a good tea at the famous tea store.’, ‘

How can I replace part of a string in MySQL?

Use the MySQL REPLACE() function to replace a substring (i.e. words, a character, etc.) with another substring and return the changed string.

This function takes three arguments:

  1. The string to change. …
  2. The substring to replace (i.e. the character ‘-‘).
  3. The substring to insert (i.e. the character ‘/’).
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How do I replace a specific column value in SQL?


  2. This example selects and replaces all the data.
  3. Example.
  4. The following example Selects and Replaces all the data.
  5. The following example uses the Collection function in Replace statement.
  6. Syntax. SELECT REPLACE(‘This is a Sample’ COLLATE Latin1_General_BIN,