Android wear: use cases

One of the most frequent questions people ask about my LG G-Watch is something like:

"And how do you use it? I can't imagine I could need something like this"

Here we are.


  • Time & Date
  • Calendar
  • Weather

Obvious things everybody knows smart watch can do.

Right watchface

You can find dozens of them in play store, here is my favourite:

bits watch

All information at one sight: time, date, next calendar event, weather, unread emails. Tapping on each cirle makes it bigger and places in the center of the interface, showing some additional information or a link to associated app.


Most of the built-in players have android integration with simple music controls.

You can get much more from Google Music though:

  • Playlist right on your watch
  • Storing your tracks right in your watch. You can connect your bluetooth headphones to the watch and and listen to music, even if you cell phone is dead.

more here.


The best integration for android wear I've experienced so far does

Pocket Casts

more here.

I always start fresh podcasts on the way to work and while going back home in. Very useful in the underground.

"Get me home"

Absolutely top functionality brings

City mapper

It takes a while to train yourself to hit "get me home" before you loose internet connection in the underground, but once you make it, the app makes a couple of magic things:

  • Checks if your usual public transport lines are not interrupted and finds a an optimal way to get home/ to the office
  • Vibrates when you get out soon, which is quite usefull for those who like to sleep in public trasport :D
  • Shows the whole route even in dim mode, switching steps automatically (walk, wait for next train, ride 3 stations etc)


I like going to a beach in summer. The problem is that I'm always paranoid about my cell phone get stolen or falls down in the sand and die. Normally i don't even use is so much, the main reason to track time and listen to music.

Once I got android wear watch, the problem was solved: offline sync google play music, put the watch on your wrist and that's it!

Check twice if your smartwatch is water proof! :D

Swimming pool

You can use your watch in a similar way in the swimming pool. One more benefit is that if the locker-room is not too far away from the pool, you will still get notifications on your watch! In best case bluetooth connection can hold up to 100m.

Night club

Same scenario for the night club: leave your cell phone in the check room and go dancing or whatever you want to do :D Get back close enough and you will get all missed notifications on your watch.

Cooking timer

Wanna make a pizza for friends? Get something like this all the time?

You can launch timer on your watch over voice control or by calling corresponding app. Pretty handy while chopping meat for example.

Apple watch

This is the most funny part. Before apple has released their smartwatch everbody was saying something like: "Oh this watch is so big, looks ugly". The same people after: "Oh is this apple watch? Where did you get that?"

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Won't read this email

And the last small thing: you can read complete emails on your watch. But even more funny thing is that you can delete/archive (resolve for Google Inbox) them right from the watch. Massive optimization of emails sorting time.

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